Twister 360

Introducing the Twister 360

The Twister 360 rotating grain spout fixture is designed to maximize the full use of the conventional grain spout tubes, used most commonly in and around grain elevators, and various commercial and industrial processes.
Over a period of time, gravity fed grain spout tubes tend to wear thin on the bottom side due to excessive sliding of abrasive materials. When this happens, the tube needs to be rotated to get the worn bottom side rotated away from the point of abrasion. This process of rotating allows the owner to get the full use out of the grain spout tube.
The Twister 360 was designed as a fixed, rotating grain spout fixture which will allow the operator to rotate the grain spout tubing with ease and accuracy. The Twister 360 has two high-density polyethylene rings and one stainless steel ring, acting as a thrust bearing. This allows the grain spout tubing to be rotated with minimum effort. The Twister 360, Upper and Lower Units are bolted fixtures, this eliminates the use of cutting, welding, and even the use of a hydraulic crane, thus saving time and money.

Twister 360 Rotating Downspout